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Monarch Real Estate is a visionary real estate group created by CaLee McManus, a top-producing and multiple award-winning agent who knows South Orange County and Ladera Ranch like no other. CaLee’s sublime service extends wholly to you: She’s committed to making your real estate dreams come true and achieving the highest ROI possible.


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Since 2006, CaLee has generated over $300M in sales. She delivers a high level of service that emphasizes compassionate communication, timely and professional execution, and effective marketing strategies. In fact, CaLee leads Monarch with a consistent history of shorter market times and higher offers.

Believing that buying and selling real estate can be transformational, CaLee enjoys nothing more than helping her clients step into the next phase of their lives. With Monarch Real Estate, she’s here to serve as a trusted partner and guide throughout your real estate journey. Long after closing, she’ll continue to be there for you, because what matters most to her is your long-term happiness and success.

Lisa Holman
Rohit Patel

Highly͏ recommend this excellent, savvy, trusted, and fun real-estate professional CaLee McManus was highly recommended by Alicia, a trusted friend of my niece. CaLee met me at my condo. I was instantly impressed by her knowledge and down to earth attitude. She not only introduced her company and her approach but she also explained the process clearly. Even though it was my my first experience selling a...

— 99ramneek


Positive: Professionalism CaLee has been our realtor for the purchase and sale of four properties over the years and I have nothing but the best things to say about her and her team. She is thorough, patient, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. We recently sold my mom's house which proved to be a difficult sale and CaLee marketed this property beautifully. I highly recommend her.

— Lisa Holman


+A operations and highly recommend!!! From the day we met CaLee to closing the sale of our property, the experience was smooth. CaLee and her team are incredibly knowledgeable about the market, and she made recommendations that helped us receive the price we were looking for. CaLee provided suggestions on how to increase the market value, and she allowed us to make the final decision based on our budget...

— Rohit Patel

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Luxury Lifestyle Awards - Top 100 Awards 2023

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2023 Orange County Five Star Real Estate Agent CaLee McManus

October 4, 2023

CaLee McManus wins the 2023 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award!

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First Team Realty in Orange County, bid on a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house for her client for $1.3 million cash.

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